Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Meets with Elon Musk


Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Meets with Elon Musk

On June 1, Chen Jining, secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, met with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his party. City leaders Zhang Wei, Chen Jinshan, and Li Zheng also attended the meeting.

Chen Jining introduced the relevant situation of Shanghai’s economic and social development. He said, “The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has made a strategic deployment for China’s future development. Chinese-style modernization is a modernization with a huge population, a modernization of common prosperity for all people, a modernization that coordinates material civilization and spiritual civilization, and a modernization that is the harmony between man and nature.” The modernization of harmonious coexistence is the modernization of peaceful development.”

6382124513982247382405435Chen Jining also said, “As China’s central economic city and a frontier window of reform and opening up, Shanghai will unswervingly deepen high-level opening up, actively connect with international high-standard economic and trade rules, and continue to create a market-oriented, law-based, and international first-class business environment. , to provide long-term stable, efficient and convenient service measures and policy supply for the development of global enterprises in Shanghai.”

Chen Jining also pointed out, “Tesla’s cooperative development in Shanghai has been fruitful. Welcome to seize opportunities such as modernization construction, urban green and low-carbon development, and industrial transformation and upgrading to increase investment and business layout in Shanghai. Deepen cooperation, bring more new products, new technologies, and new services to Shanghai, and make technology better serve a better life.”

Elon Musk introduced the development of Tesla’s new energy vehicles, new energy storage and other businesses. He was excited by the success of the Shanghai Gigafactory. He seized the opportunity for green and low-carbon development, expanded new cooperation in carbon reduction, and developed new green products , To meet the new needs of the market and talk about ideas, hoping to continue to deepen cooperation with Shanghai in various fields to better serve the Chinese market and the global market.

Post time: Jun-02-2023