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In 2022, China's automobile exports increased significantly by 40% year-on-year. The substantial increase in the export of new energy vehicles and the shortage of vehicle ro-ro shipping capacity have promoted the container freight of vehicles. Through the "centralized transportation form" to carry out automobile transportation and export, it can not only realize the batch delivery of ro-ro mode, but also complete the small batch delivery of flexible customized direct door points.

China's automobile exports are growing strongly, and new energy vehicles have become a hot spot for exports. At the same time, container freight rates continue to fall. Under the situation of tight ro-ro capacity, container transportation has become an important alternative. New energy vehicles belong to nine categories of dangerous goods, with complex and strict operation requirements. Xingzhongxin has been deeply engaged in the field of automobile international logistics for many years, with rich experience and professional level. It has coordinated all parties to provide a full set of services for container transportation of new energy vehicles, such as document qualification processing, hazardous product declaration, safety handling, packing and reinforcement, and successfully completed this shipping task.